Background Colors for Chapters and Sections

Would it be possible to add background colors to Chapters and Sections. I see that it’s possible for Titles.

If you mean Editor backgrounds, you can change the color, but all documents will have the same background.

Background colors in the Binder (for titles/document names) can be set to depend on Label:

Page 668 of the manual mentions what I’m looking at.

Update: oops, I had the wrong page.

The manual page seems pretty clear to me. It talks about Label-specific colors for the titles of documents, if they have colors. As I said above, Editor backgrounds are the same for all documents.

You know that the label and its color are perpetually visible at the bottom of the inspector right?
If you make the inspector as narrow as possible (assuming you’d want max screen for the editor), that is actually the last thing to disappear. (As a matter of fact, it doesn’t.)

So it should work for all titles then in Parts, Sections, Chapters? And it has nothing to do with how the compiler is set up? Maybe it will work for me if I set Scrivener back to all its defaults. My Scrivenings are not showing any titles.

At any rate, ignore this thread if the background only applies to the editor. And not to the compiled output.


  • View > Text Editing > Show Titles in Scrivenings
  • View > Use Label Color in > Scrivenings Titles


  • File > Options > Appearance > Scrivenings > Options > Use title background color


Looks like a possible bug in Windows version:
Changing the label color of a chapter forces the user to uncheck and then recheck the View > Use Label Color in > Scrivenings Titles setting to see the new background color for that chapter.

Because changing a chapter color sets all the chapters and things to no background color.

Yeah. The option to display label color in the document’s title in a scrivening is kind of never short of a good reason to toggle itself off.
I permanently renounced on relying on it a good while back.

Anyways, the title isn’t always visible. I’d advise developing the habit of rather taking a peek at the bottom of the inspector.
You can also label color the document’s icon.

Yup, definitely twitchy.

I had my settings set as per my post above and could see the titles highlighted with label colors in Scrivenings.

I closed and reopened Scrivener. Titles were no longer highlighted with label colors in Scrivenings.

Based on @Vincent_Vincent’s post, I looked and found that Scrivener had forgotten the Show Titles in Scrivenings setting, so I re-enabled it.

Still, titles were not highlighted in Scrivenings.

I went to File > Options > Appearance > Scrivenings > Options > Use title background color to confirm that it was still disabled. It was. I hit OK from the Settings panel without changing anything–and THEN titles became highlighted in Scrivenings.

Copying Jennifer @MimeticMouton and @JenT on this, to see if they can recreate it.


Same weird behavior in windows and toggle off view label color in scrivenings title to get colors but if move to different folder for scrivenings view have to start all over again.

While you’re at it, let them know about the “View > Text Editing > Page View” bug. It keeps unchecking itself after a few chapter and section renamings. I like to use Page View when editing.

Played with it and found out simple fix. Have to toggle View>Use Label Color in>Scrivenings Titles option.
shortcut is F8 key. go to Scrivenings view and click once and see baseline color for Scrivenings titles set in Options>Appearance Panel for Scrivenings Titles. Now click again and see the file label colors now show up in Scrivenings titles. When go to new folder or group of folders and use Scrivenings view must start over and click F8 twice to show label colors of files in Scrivening titles. Funky but seems consistent.