Background colour some pages pdf

Looked and looked and looked. I want to have a different background colour on some pages on my pdf

Can this be done in scrivener?

Secondly when I export to PDF not even justified even though it is in Scrivener. Any ideas?

There’s no way to set a page background colour for your printed or compiled document from Scrivener, no. For that, I’d suggest compiling to RTF and then opening in Word or other word processor and adjusting the settings there, then saving to PDF. You could also do this directly in the PDF software if you have a PDF editor rather than just a reader program.

For the text alignment, it sounds like you have your compile formatting overriding your editor formatting and changing this to left alignment. Try going to File > Compile… and clicking the blue arrow to expand the dialog, then switch to the Formatting pane. As you click into the document type rows at the top, you’ll see a preview of the text which should show how the text alignment is set. You can change it by clicking the “Modify” button and then adjusting the formatting in the window that opens. Alternatively, if you just want to get exactly the formatting you have in the editor, you could deselect “Override text and notes formatting”.