Background images - Settings/Project = different results

After a long time I wanted to change the background image in the editor. But I could not find the dialogue. Because you can not see in the settings a selected image because there is no image preview or the name of the selected file (Picture 1). I walked past it several times until I came to the fact that no color is displayed, but only a tiny section of my image file is displayed.

Let’s get to point two: Under Settings, a small image is tiled in the editor. If I select the same picture under Project then it will be displayed full screen.
Actually, I would expect the same result for both. In addition, at least the file name is displayed in the project dialog (Picture 2). That would also be helpful in the settings dialog.

My wishes: In the settings, at least the file name, the wallpaper used should be displayed. A bigger preview would not be bad either.
In addition, both ways should come to the same result. Or you should install a small option, whether the selected picture fullscreen or tiled to be displayed.

(screenshots are from the German version)

The Scrivener -> Preferences settings apply Scrivener-wide, and so the working assumption is that you will want a neutral texture as your default. The Project Settings apply only to the current project, where a full screen background image makes more sense. The two panes are different because they offer different functionality.