backlinks / what-links-here

Is there any way to have bi-directional links in Scrivener?

I would like to link all speech of a character to their character page, and on their character page have a list of all those references. Doing that manually is, of course, error-prone.

Wikipedia has a nifty “what links here” feature. Is something like that possible in Scrivener with anything? Links, tags, whatever?

Both Version 2 and Version 3 have a setting to have backlinks created automatically.

In Version 3 it’s in Preferences > Behaviours > Document links > Document links and Bookmarks create back-link Bookmarks — the backlinks are visible in the Inspector Bookmarks panel.

There’s a similar feature in V2 preferences, but I can’t remember exactly where, sorry…

(But bear in mind that these links are document based (ie to the item in the binder), not to specific text within a documents