'Backup folder does not exist'

I have Scrivener set to backup at open and close. But each time I open it, it tells me that the Backup folder does not exist and I need to go to Preferences and change it. So I go to Preferences, select the same Backup folder I did before, and it is fine. One thing I notice is that although the name of my backup folder has no numbers in it, in the Preferences window, Scrivener adds a number to the name when I select it. (The first time it added -1, then -2, then -3.) Maybe this is why it finds no such folder by that name later, but I’m not sure why it adds it in the first place. And there’s no way to delete the number in the window; one can only choose a folder, not enter or edit its name. The other thing I should mention is that my backup folder is on an external hard drive. However, what I am reporting happens when that drive is powered on and connected. Could you tell me how to fix this?
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I can’t believe I am having the same issue 12 years later!!!

Can you post screenshots of the preferences/settings dialog where you are trying to save your backups to? Is it on an external drive or a cloud service?


It is an NAS. Scrivener seems to keep forgetting the folder.

I’m afraid I don’t know anything about NAS drives, but I’m sure someone who has experience of them will come along.

All I can say is that path looks like the root of the drive, so are you saying that you actually point it at a folder under that root, i.e. /Volumes/Other Files/Some-folder/ but it always goes back to the root?


I suspect Scrivener is not “forgetting” the folder. I think that perhaps the macOS is not mounting your NAS drive consistently, or at all. I’m also assuming that “Other Files” is the name of the file share on your NAS.

I recommend you use macOS “Finder” app to to check if or if not the file share is mounted correctly, and if so, then does Scrivener find the mounted drive? Need to sort out the mounting.

I’m not aware that Scrivener won’t backup to a mounted drive on a NAS. But the drive must be mounted and Scrivener will not mount it if not mounted.

I backup to a local drive ~/Backups/Scrivener, then my backups (TimeMachine and Carbon Copy Cloner) sends backups to the NAS. Scrivener backups thus quicker while I’m using Scrivener and I still have the security of a backup on NAS.

I agree with @rms.

I think the numbers you’re seeing in the folder name are the clue. MacOS thinks you keep trying to create a new folder with the same name, so it appends the number and then presents the result to Scrivener.

What do you see at that location in Finder? If my hypothesis is correct, you should see Folder-1, Folder-2, and so on.

FYI, the folder naming symptoms is from the original poster from 12 years ago … so might be a bit of a red herring with respect to diagnosis, caused by tagging on to an old post.

For @EmmaWK , if “Other Files” is not the share name defined on the NAS, then that’s a valid symptom of a configuration problem … or something. Dunno much more.

Edit: if “Other Files” is the share name, then I would recommend making a folder under that called “Scrivener Backups” or something to send all Scrivener backups to a consolidated location. Lumping in with “other files” may not be the best thing to do.