Backup function not working properly

I am a new to Scrivener and have just noticed that my Scrivener does save backup folders but when I try to access them I am told they cannot be accessed and Scrivener just opens the current version. The back up feature is what sold me on getting this software. Can anyone advise if they have had the same issue and was able to fix it? Did I set up the wrong folder or something?
the message states:
Cannot access: ‘C:Users/WenLW?AppData/Local/Temp/Temp1_TEST 2.scriv/TEST2.scrivx’
Project location: “C:Users/WenLW/AppData/Local/Temp/Temp1_TEST 2.scriv/TEST2.scrivx”
I have uninstalled and re-installed a few times. Double checked file paths and settings in Options, created a few test projects to see what happens but I just cannot get the Backup function to work properly. Also, after reinstalling the last time, I no longer have the Scrivener icon next to my files in my folders. It’s just a plain rectangle icon. Does this mean I have deleted something?

Any advice will be very much appreciated.

This path indicates you are attempting to open the project from inside of a zip preview window. These cannot be edited, so the software will not open it. That is of course intentional, as you do not want to open backups directly, especially in a program that autosaves and records every click and position of the window into the project settings, otherwise they cease to be backups.

Use the Windows toolbar on the zip window to extract all contents to a temporary location, where you can then open the project normally.

(I’ve moved this to Win support since on a Mac zip acts completely differently.)

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Thank you so much! This makes sense. I recall going over backups in the tutorial but just couldn’t remember the whole thing. After doing more practise runs on backups, and extracting the files, it all works perfectly. I also found the option to turn off the “open the last project” thingy, which makes it much less confusing! Thank you so much for your prompt and straightforward help. I really appreciate it :slight_smile: :grin:

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Hi there @Wen,

I wrote some advice on backups for another user a while back, in the BACKUPS section of this post. It’s written for Scriv v1, so menu options might be slightly different, but everything else is still applicable.

The most important part of the post is the recommended backups settings and the explanations behind them.

Let me know if you have any questions about it.


Many thanks, Jim.
This is brilliant info. I’ve learned a lot over the past several hours and I’m excited about writing again! I’m going to go and tweak my settings a bit more to reflect what you have suggested.

Thanks again, everyone here has been super helpful.


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