Backup to iCloud....what is the current view

9-23-21: I have MacOS and only work on Scrivener there. I recently had put backups and projects on Dropbox…oh my, what a mess. So I will leave Projects on Dropbox and save Backups to hard drive…but in interest of safety, will ICloud work?

Backups, assuming you are referring to the automatically created zipped copies of your project that are created when you close it (by default), can be stored anywhere. It really should not be taxing a sync engine to handle a .zip file upload once or twice a day.

Thanks for the response and help.

curious. what was the “mess”? what is different?

as icloud local folder and syncing to the server is basically the same as dropbox what are you doing differently?

the automated backups in Scrivener can be put anywhere but no good to put them in the Scrivener project folder. i keep 25 backups in ~/backups/scrivener. i recommend that at minimum. that folder is backed up by my regular system backups (Time Machine, Synology Backup to my Nas, and Backblaze) as i prefer redundant backups. I do not put any backups on cloud server folders but as long as well placed should be ok.