Backups not being made when compression is disabled.

This issue doesn’t seem to have been posted in the forum. The closest I’ve found is this, from last July, on the Mac side.

It appears that backups are not being made when compression is disabled. This is true of backups on manual save, and also with backups on open and close.

Here’s a screen cap showing this with a series of manual saves. Unfortunately, the forum is not displaying the full width of the image, so you can’t see the backups being made, and not being made, on the upper right. But it’s there if you view the img directly in a browser.

Does this happen for all your projects? What if you select a different directory for the backups? I’ve tried with a number of different configurations but haven’t been able yet to reproduce this problem, so it seems there’s some other trigger involved than just disabling compression.

Hmm. I first noticed it on an actual project, which I didn’t want to experiment on, so I created the test that’s in the screen cap… half expecting it to work as expected… so I was half surprised when it reproduced so consistently.

I will try a different directory. I believe at one time it did work – I recall seeing that the baks were uncompressed and going to turn on the compression option… which it’s possible I had turned off for some reason, early on. I don’t offhand know what the default is.

I went to turn compression off today because to speed them up, and also because it’s less of a juggling act to restore from an uncompressed bak. The bak folder was still open on my desktop and noticed by the timestamp that there were no new baks.

I haven’t yet decided how I want to configure backups.

It would be nice if there was a global backup setting, as there is now, which would then be a default that could be overridden on a project basis.