Is there a way to clean the backup folder? I have openend new projects just to try the software. I trashed these projects after a while. But now I have 5 backups in the appropriate folder. Should I trash them manually or there is a better way (automatic) to do so?

Thank you!

You have to do it manually, with the Finder. The only cleanup Scrivener will do is to delete the oldest N + 1th backup of a PARTICULAR project, where N is the number of backups you tell Scrivener to keep per project.

Those settings, and the location of your backups (as you apparently already know) is in Scrivener->Preferences->Backup.

Thank You!
This was what I thought. So it a good practice to control the folder of the backups and do a clean once in a while.
Have a nice one.

One thing that I do to keep both my backups and my projects from exploding in numbers is to have one project for ideas. I jot down story & character ideas, import interesting or inspiring articles from the web, and images that provoke stories in me. I keep everything outside of the draft folder (since pictures can’t be in the Draft’s binder directly).

If I actually ever develop something into a longer work, I will create a new project and drag what I’ve made so far into the research folder of the new project, arranging things as needed and then working from there. Keeping an “ideas” project means that I never lose track of where to put new ideas, and also, that the backups folder doesn’t get cluttered with random projects.