Bacon: Saved.

After pounding keys for nearly two hours I just walked away from the computer for just a minute to get a drink. When I returned I found my computer restarting itself.

What?! NO! I didn’t tell you to do that! How the hell did you manage to do to that?

Gaah! I haven’t saved!

I’m usually an obsessive saver, but I’ve been editing dozens of documents within a project, moving back and forth to work up my timeline, editing character sheets… two hours… :open_mouth:

So… how about that automatic “Saves every 2 seconds when you’re not typing” feature?

[size=75](That just leaves the mystery of why it restarted. For all appearances it was a controlled, user-initiated restart… but I didn’t and no one else approached the computer. Does anyone know if “Salute” has a keyboard shortcut for “restart now, fool!” programmed into it?)[/size]

Glad you didn’t lose any work! Although a picture of a pig may not be the best thing at the moment given my rotten cold…

All the best,

Is the computer a desktop? If so, you might have just suffered a brownout of the electric grid (i.e. a not enough to cause the lights to go out). A couple of summers ago in my area, a big manufacturer would go online at exactly 8:35 am seven days a week and unless I turned off my desktop, it would reboot. I finally got the battery backup thingamabob and no more rebooting. The surge doohickeys only prevent surges and do not save you from brownouts unless they include the battery back-up.

Bacon: Saved. I like it!!


My desktop has a battery backup… but this was my laptop on a full charge. :shrugs:

There are keyboard shortcuts to restart, shut down, and sleep without the popup. The only one I use is shutdown cmd-ctrl-opt.

There is also the possibility of a thermal reset. I had that happen recently.

I’m going to guess that it wasn’t a thermal reset - it was a well-ventilated area in AC. The keyboard shortcut… possibly. Any idea what shortcut might be used for “Restart” without hitting the power button?

I know I hit “ctrl-Apple-delete,” (which activates Salute) and enter (which activates the screen saver, effectively locking it). Might have strayed on some other keys at the same time.

cmd-ctrl-eject == restart
cmd-ctrl-opt-eject == shutdown

I have money that you hit the eject button, not the delete button.

Check for more shortcuts.

I know and use a LOT of keyboard shortcuts (having been on the platform for over 20 years you do pick them up) but I never heard of cmd-ctrl-eject.

No bet…

Since the also locked the screen first, it’s fair to say that I must have fairly well mashed the keyboard.

Thanks for finding that. Would have driven me up a wall not to know how I managed it.