Bad Image Error


I’ve been using Scrivener for about 3 years now. The program started to slow a few days ago. When I opened the program this morning I received a Windows bad image error.

I downloaded the the program again to reinstall and received the following error message attached.

My guess is that Windows 10 updated something and messed up Scrivener.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. This is a horrible time for this to happen. I recently signed with a TV/Film production company in LA and just finished writing the pilot TV script. Help!

You might supply some more details about exactly what you are doing to cause this error. The error message kind of looks like there’s a bad shortcut involved.

Thanks for the reply. I had just booted up my laptop this morning ready to get to work. All I did was click the shortcut. I also tried opening the program directly from the Scrivener folder and I received the same error message.

You might try uninstalling and reinstalling Scrivener. Make a copy of your project folder (just in case, but it really shouldn’t be touched during the uninstallation). Then remove and reinstall. See if that fixes it. Like you say, it’s possible that the Windows 10 update did something somewhere to fug up the pathway. If you create the pathway again with a new installation, it should work.

Okay, I uninstalled and tried to re-install. A new error message. Sigh.

I see from your screenshot you have McAfee Internet protection. Disable that and try again.

I also see a shortcut to a Norton installer of some sort. Please confirm that you do not have multiple anti-virus/internet protection suites installed, as that can cause all SORTS of havoc.

Thank you for the reply. Norton was only a trial version installed on the laptop when I purchased it a year ago. I’m only running Mcfee. I disabled it and tried re-installing. I also renamed the default Scrivener folder to ScrivenerWriting. It worked! I was able open my latest book project and screenwriting project. :slight_smile: Happy dance! :slight_smile: Thank you!

Any time! :slight_smile:

Reviving this thread to say that I’ve been getting this problem too. It’s occurred 4 times in total, over a period of a month or two, and for the first three times I was able to reinstall and that fixed the problem instantly. The third time I downloaded the latest version of Scrivener (v1.9.7.0) which for some reason I didn’t have before that.

This fourth time, the bad image file in question was QtSolutions_MMLWidget-2.4.dll. I reinstalled as usual and got an error message that the install file had a problem and thereafter Scrivener wouldn’t open (I got the permissions error message shown upthread). However, installing to a fresh directory (ScrivenerWriter) fixed the problem for me too. I’ve no doubt it’s a Windows 10 issue, although I only get it on one machine, the other is fine. It’s good to know that it can be fixed, but it’s a little unnerving.