Bad little grey triangles


Fairly new to Scrivener, brand new to the forum… hope I’m posting this in the correct place.

When I’m in ‘Outliner’ mode, the little grey triangles toggle between seeing things and hiding things. Sometimes I like to see everything in the outline, but when I go away from Outliner and return, the triangles have toggled back to hiding the sub-points in the outline.

Is there any way to set Outliner so it always show all sub-points?


Hit Command-9 in outline mode. If you want to be selective about which tree you want expanded, option-click the disclosure triangle for the section of the outline you want expanded, and everything within that section will expand/contract, I think.

Thanks for the response.

I did recently discover the command-9 option.

But is there a way to keep the trees permanently expanded? There are times when I’m constantly switching in and out of outline mode and it’s not ideal to keep my fingers hovering over command-9 all the time.

Not really an answer to your question, but if you’re switching in and out of Outline mode you might be happier with a split window. Keep the expanded outline up in one half of the window, and whatever section you’re working on in the other half.


Thanks Katherine,

That’s helpful.

Still, is anyone aware of a method for keeping outlines expanded always?

I know of no way to do this other than the suggestion of working in splits if you wish to have a persistent outline display. I recommend using the little double-arrow button at the bottom of the Outliner view which will turn on single-click loading.

Working in splits would definitely work, but I think I’ve discovered another way to have “persistent outline display”: make more use of the Binder! I realized that I could expand the width of my Binder, so that I could read and edit my outline there. And the Binder remains onscreen the entire time, so I don’t have to worry about my outline collapsing unintentionally when switching documents.

What I’m coming to realize is that Scrivener is a highly adaptable program with multiple solutions to apparent problems. I appreciate everyone’s help.

P.S. AmberV, what does single-click loading do?