Bad selection in full screen with more than one document

I think this problem existed before: when you select 2 documents (or more) and you switch to full screen, it is really hard (or impossible) to select the text you want. I say that because sometimes your chapter is separated in different files, and you want to work on them in fullscreen.

Could you describe what you mean by difficult to select? I’m not experiencing any different behaviour in full screen from the regular editor. There are some issues with selection in Scrivenings mode because of how we are stacking editors. You can’t select across a file boundary. That’s something to work on, making it feel more like a cohesive editing experience, but beyond that I’m not sure what could be wrong.

Sorry I forgot I posted this message! :=)
Well, it’s impossible to select the text in fact.
Select two files and go to full screen >If you hold on the left button of the mouse to select a part of the text you want, it scrolls really fast and select everything… So it’s impossible to select a word, a group or words or anything.

Oups, precision : I’m working on the beta

Shame on you - full screen mode is for us keyboard junkies only, and we select text with SHIFT+ARROWs :slight_smile:.

No, you’re right: 1st selection works, but after that the selected text seems not to be cleared, re-initialized, whatever … and you end up with random marked sections, and clicking ESC is the best you can do then.

Since I’m new with Sriv., I don’t know whether this belongs in the Beta section or is a bug in the release, too? ZACK writes he uses the current Beta.

Is it possible your selection is spanning the file boundaries?

I’m not able to test what you are seeing right now, but selection across file boundaries is not possible.

I think the problem was already in the release.

This ist still in Beta:

Scrivenings mode or Fullscreen: Selecting text multiple times in different docs is a true mess! :frowning:

Selections are saved for all the documents, even when you close/reopen the project, but this is only highlighting as this selection is in no way active.

In Fullscreen it’s even worse: the mouse cursor get’s unpredictable, you click and don’t know what Scriv. is doing …

Please, take a look at this: if there is a selection and the user moves the cursor into another document, delete the selection and change the selected text to normal. Otherwise it’s very confusing.