Balls balls balls balls Keyword Search still broken..

I was so excited. I have put in maybe 10% and today have another 25% ready to enter and thought I had been given a reprieve. Sadly not. Loaded Beta 26 and sob.

The “All” function is not working still. At least it isn’t here.

I am in fact working aroud Scrivener with all sorts of my own inline labels. All I am using Scrivener for now is storing lots of chunks of text and then pulling them into one place.

What an emotional ride - I was really excited with the fast repair of the problem but now despondent. Sorry but this was hardly rocket science to test.


PS Pls see original post for details:

Thanks, I’ve already emailed Lee with this issue. Sorry to have gotten your hopes up.

Send whisky now, or Valium, or both… I am right that it ain’t working. If I am right please hit him around the head with a wet trout. Sob…

Poor boy is working too hard.

Once again response INCREDIBLY efficient - do you ever sleep?


Nah, I’ve decided that MM isn’t really human, she’s most likely some experimental program that Scrivener people have made to answer all their support questions. They probably just restart her once in a while to keep her from sucking up all the memory from working too hard.

LOL :laughing:

I’m using 026 and yes, it appears that a keyword search from the Keyword HUD* is still broken. However, I notice in the 026 release notes that keyword search from the search box at the top of the menu is fixed. So, the workaround is to use that box for now.

It’s a pain, though, because you have to type in the keyword. My keywords are a little long because I use a hierarchical structure and use the category name in each keyword.

For example, for characters, my keyword list looks something like this:

– char Alicia
– char Wesley
– char Evan
– char Marie

So, to search for all scenes in which the character Marie appears (only 1 so far), here’s how I’d do it:

Using the search bar at the top:

  1. Use the drop-down next to the search icon to choose keywords.
  2. Type char Marie in the search box.

Using the Keyword HUD:

  1. Click char Marie.
  2. Click Search.

Obviously, I prefer the second method :slight_smile:

  • HUD - I’m having a hard time remembering what HUD stands for. Some user interfaces (for example, some of the Adobe products) are calling those types of moveable displays pods. I think some graphics programs call them palettes. I don’t expect you to do anything about this :slight_smile: , not only because it’s minor, but also it could just be a regionalism. Just thought I’d mention it for anyone else who stumbled on the term. And hey, it’s not what you call it, it’s how it works, and it works well!

The problem is that an AND search returns OR values when you search. And HUD stands for Head up Display.

I am not using it at the moment. Having worked on the book so much and having each scene numbered I am actually finding my way around it pretty well at the moment. But I am currently working with whiteboards and post its sorting out plot problems.

Thanks for the help though.