Basic question: image centering

I looked everywhere on this forum, but I did not find any simple instruction on how to center a picture with my text.

Usually, I use the text center align function for both my text and images. After all, that’s logical. Word does it too. Sometimes it works, most of the time it doesn’t. When I open my mobi eBook in Kindle Previewer some (but not all…) images are desperately LEFT aligned;

My question is simple: HOW can I center align my picture in an ebook mobi for Kindle in a decently simple way without being a software engeneer?

it seems almost soooo basic that I wonder if I am cursed :slight_smile: And yes I bought the software. it’s Mac and no beta. thanks to you all for helping me !

In the “Formatting” pane of Compile, are you overriding the formatting at all? If so, that might be causing images to become left-aligned. One thing you could try is selecting the image in the editor and applying Format > Formatting > Preserve Formatting. This tells Scrivener not to override the formatting for the selected text (or image in this case) during Compile.

Thanks I tried what you said. i unchecked all kind of overriding formats while compiling. i tried the “preserve format” but to no avail… Why can it not be just simple? Whatever I tied with the text to experiment (all left or right aligned), the picture invariably stays left aligned…

Ok I found something to get it right but there is a big drawback that comes with it:

  • when compiling I uncheck resample images

  • my total file size is therefore 5 times bigger…

BUT the images are centered as I asked for.

What should I do ? isn’t it a big flaw when I will submit to KDP Amazon as an ebook ? Or does Amazon resample the whole file ? Otherwise they charge a lot for file size download…

I am having this same problem. My images all come out left-aligned when compiled into .mobi files, despite being centered in the editor.

Why doesn’t center alignment work on images?

This is a known bug, I have posted a how-to for fixing the problem:

ePub and Mobi Books Have Left Aligned Images

scslawin: Your platform tag states Windows, but you are posting in a Mac thread. If you are using the Windows version, then this is a different problem, but the article I posted above may be helpful in fixing whatever you are seeing.

I have, sort of, the same problem. When I compile for epub and mobi, all my pics turn out right aligned. I have tried the format, formatting, preserve formatting, but nothing changes. I use place holder tags instead of inserting the picture. I did try inserting a picture, scaled to size and then compiled. The result was a picture the same size and right aligned. Oh, I did the format thing to the inserted picture.

I read where someone said they unchecked the resample picture box when resampling, but I don’t see where to do that.

Any suggestions?


As mentioned at the top of the article I linked to:

Thanks, things are better now; at least with pictures. :slight_smile: