Basic Questions on Footnotes, Header, Printing

I so love Scrivener! Have been using it for years to draft blogposts, speeches. Since all my earlier writing was just for me and not for presentation purposes, I never had to deal with the formatting aspects of Scrivener. Now that I have papers to submit, am leading to a host of formatting and printing issues, would be super grateful if someone could help me out. My Academic papers are due tomorrow, would like to polish and have them printed today, so I’d be highly grateful for an early resolution.


  • How do I print several text documents in one go? I have one text document as a Cover Sheet, One as the main draft of my paper and the other as Bibilography. Is there a way I can print all with one single command?

  • I have printed a draft of my first paper. The print has a header with the Text Document name and a time/date stamp. Where can I edit and get rid of this?

  • I have several references to a single footnote. But in Scrivener, for each reference I have to create a separate footnote. How can have the multiple references point to the same footnote?

  • Scrivener has a Bibilography Manager. how can I install and launch this?

Thanks so much.

Warm regards from Bangalore, India.

I can answer a couple of these:

No, I’m afraid it hasn’t. If you need one, you will need to use Endnote, Sente, Bookends, Bibdesk, Zotero, or one of the others.

As far as I know, this is not possible, and I don’t know of a program that will do it (unless it is possible in Mellel, which does have a lot of options for footnotes).

I think most people export their material to rtf, then adjust it and do the final formatting in a word processor like Nisus Writer Pro, Mellel, or Word. They are better suited to the “polishing” phase.

Good luck with it, Martin.

This question has come up here before, or perhaps on the Mellel forum, and as far as I can remember the conclusion was that there is no app that allows multiple references to the same footnote.

However, it’s not difficult in Mellel to create the appearance of one footnote linked to several times from the text. Only one reference can point to a footnote in Mellel, but Mellel also has cross-references, and it’s easy to make them look identical to the footnote numbers.

Thanks for the replies mbbntu and nicka. The suggestions for other apps was useful. Will look them up sometime. For now Scrivener is doing the work splendidly. I didn’t know about he compile option. By hitting Cmd+Opt+E, I was able to the options there helped me resolve the other queries that I had.