Batch change to Label and Status fields

First, some praise: I started my next novel a few weeks ago using a traditional text editor. Halfway through I switched to the trial of Scrivener. I just finished Chapter 1, and I’m so pleased I’ve purchased the program!

Now the question: I used a template to get going, so I had a folder named “CHAPTER 1” containing a whole batch of text files. I opened up the folder in the Outline view, selected all of the files, and used the right pane to set the “Label” field to “Scene.” Surprisingly, only the first file changed. I also changed “Status” to “First Draft”, and again only the first file changed. They were all selected (each file was highlighted with a tinted rounded-corner box).

In order to set all of my files to “Scene” and “First Draft,” I had to select each one and manually change it. I can see situations in the future when I’ll want to make similar batch changes, altering the Status, Label, and Keyword attributes for many files at once.

Is this possible? If so, can anyone tell me how to do it?



The Inspector on the right hand side only works on one Binder item (be it a document or a folder) at a time. So making changes over there only impacts the item that is highlighted in the Synopsis card. If you wish to make bulk changes–

From the FAQ:

In short, the contextual menu is your friend. All visible toggles which have the appearance of being attached to a single item will change only that item, no matter what your selection is.

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Thank you! I apologize for asking a question answered in the FAQ. I read it over last night, but obviously didn’t absorb it all. I’ll make sure to check that first before asking for help here again. I appreciate your helping me out. By the way, the contextual menu works beautifully, as promised.


No problem, I don’t mind pasting things and helping others out. I am fully aware of the fact that the FAQ is quite large amount of information to absorb. :wink:

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