Scrivener FAQ

The Scrivener FAQ has been subsumed under the new knowledge base, found here.

[size=70]I did. I think it was day 2 of scriv use. It helped me figure out scriv from a different perspective. Kind of a second tutorial. Kind of a FAQ-orial. Maybe a tuti-FAQ. Either way, thank you for providing it.[/size]

I could not open the FAQ. I got an error message.

I’m using Scrivener 1.50.

Indeed yes. Consulted frequently. Thank you, Amber.


All right, thanks for the feedback, I will try to keep it up to date, but if it gets too out of control I might just let it sit with a note at the top that the web is more up to date.

I realised last night as I was falling asleep that the new version would not work because it was created in a beta version of Scrivener. I’ll get that fixed shortly.

I got that too :frowning: Perhaps it was saved in a alpha/beta of V2? :wink:

Okay, I apologise about the confusion. The zip file has been updated with a functional project file. And Vatark, I have no idea what you are talking about! :slight_smile:

Thank you, Amber, no need to apologize! Like everybody browsing the forums I appreciate your never ending help.


Those wiki links are dead or they '404’d me atleast…

Updated the original post. You can find the knowledge base here.