how do I get rid of this indent?

this is a small issue. I generally like scrivener a lot but the indent it automatically creates at the beginning of each paragraph bothers the graphic designer in me. ugh! anyone know how to tell scrivener to stop doing this?

an addition: scrivener also imports text in whatever style it was. copy a link from a browser and you get a blue link with an underline that sticks out like a sore thumb in your otherwise black text. I’d love to switch that off.

any ideas?

About the indents, it sounds like you just need to set up your default ruler setting. This is found in Preferences, under the Text Editing section. There is a demo section with a ruler where you can set what new documents made in Scrivener will be configured to. You can set everything from tab stops, to indents, to line spacing here. You can also choose your favourite font right below that section.

Note that, as is mentioned in the FAQ, changing the default will not reset existing documents automatically. This allows you to have different formatting for different documents if you so choose. If you wish to force reset to your new defaults, see item #3.

See item #2 of the FAQ.

Cmd-Opt-Shift-V - amberv, you rock : -)

the indent … it didn’t change anything though. not even in the document I was working on.

Odd, so you have your preferences set up to look something like this:

…and you still get indenting in new documents? Remember that in your current document, you will have to reset it to the default format settings, since that counts as a pre-existing document. See the Edit menu, under “Convert Format of Selected Documents…”

If your ruler indents are set up right, and converting format doesn’t work, then there might be something odd going on that is not intended behaviour.

I resetted it all and did it again and whoups…now it works!

thank you :slight_smile:

Yay. :slight_smile:

Too lazy to read the docs now, but I’ve noticed a couple times people have changed the default text settings and expected them to apply to extant text. We might wanna put in the FAQ or docs somewhere that they only apply to new stuff, but you can ‘apply default formatting’ to apply em to old.

Good idea! Actually, that precise scenario is already in the FAQ, and the entire mechanism of defaults is discussed in several other answers, too. :slight_smile: