getting rid of a link you made


Am I right to guess that once you make a link in Scrivener, you cannot delete it?

I set one up on a sentence of text, now I don’t want it anymore. How do I make it go away?

thanks, R

From the FAQ:

Thank you, it worked! -RichardhittinghimselffornotcarefullyreadingFAQ

I’ve added an “Unlink” command to the Text menu for 1.04 to make this less painful. :slight_smile:

Fantastic. Are you going to remove the “Edit link” menu item entirely then? Because it is a little confusing since you cannot actually edit the link that way.

No, because that is built into the OS X text system (figures). I have no control over the majority of ctrl-click menu. The Unlink option will appear only in the Text menu.