Return of the font problem

Looks like I’m having the same problem alluded to in this earlier thread.

Complete with this item cropping up in the console:
7/15/08 7:33:12 PM Scrivener[1576] *** -[NSCFDictionary initWithObjects:forKeys:count:]: attempt to insert nil value at objects[0] (key: NSFont)

All of the necessary fonts are present and accounted for, and I’m running no font management software or similar doodad. I’ve (thoroughly) deleted, redownloaded and reinstalled the application, and even switched the fonts in Preferences>Fonts & Colors to other (similarly present & active) fonts, with no success.

Any further advice would be appreciated. Thanks!


(1) Create a new account and see if the problem occurs on a new project

(2) Open Font Book and make sure these fonts are active and do NOT have a • to the right of their name.
Apple Symbols
Lucida Grande

(3) Also maybe a corrupt Pref file or Cache file? New USer account would help narrow this down.

Hope that helps?

It works! Courier was the culprit, as I had several cognates of Courier installed but not the real deal.

Thanks! Now on to poke around Scrivener…


Welcome to the Scrivener Community!

If you are new to Scrivener I highly recommend taking 5 minutes and browsing through this thread ---->FAQS real quick. It may help some unforeseen future questions. :slight_smile:

Thanks for sorting that one out before I even got here, Wock!
All the best,