Exporting project to PDF..

Sorry, I did try searching but all my search terms were “too common”… After trying 4 times I gave up and wrote yet another post asking this question (I assume I am not the first)…

I am working on a small eBook using Scrivener and I want to export it to PDF. I know I can Print->Save as PDF but it loses a lot of the formatting, etc.

What is the process to save a project as PDF so it keeps the same formatting as the project has in Scrivener? I think I read once I need 3rd party software (MacLatex or something?)

Can someone please give me a reply, or link to a post/article, that gives instructions as well as 3rd party requirements? Or is there some other software that should be used outside of Scrivener all together? ie, export as text then reimport in other software and format accordingly.

Thanks all!!

From Scrivener’s Help: Compiling the Draft:

There’s also a bit on Import/Export in the official FAQ

Signinstranger got in first, but to clarify, I hope …

Don’t go straight to “Print” … Choose “Export Draft” at the bottom of the File menu. Set it up the way you want with the three “tabs” — “Content”, “Text Options” and “Formatting” — and if you have got your draft in the binder the way you want it to look, then deselect the “Override text formatting …” button in the Formatting pane. Then choose Print — rather than Export — from that dialog and when the Print dialog comes up, choose the “PDF” button down in the bottom left corner of the dialog.

That should do it.