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Coming from Word I’ve been used to using the undo shortcut quite a bit, sometimes instead instead of delete (command + z). However, using Scrivener, I’ve found that when I do that, it often undoes a lot more (several minutes of work back) than I want it to. And I still haven’t located the redo function.
Is there a redo function? Is there a shortcut for it?



Sure is … Cmd-Shift-Z … it’s pretty standard right across Mac applications, except perhaps for Word, but since I haven’t used Word or any Microsoft app for about 6 years, I can’t actually remember.




Scrivener uses the OS X text system - the same as TextEdit and many other OS X apps - whereas Word uses its own custom-written text engine. So the undo in Scrivener (in typing at least) uses the standard Apple code (that is, I haven’t coded the undo portion of the text system in Scrivener, that is down to Apple’s system). It coalesces certain changes, but I have to say that I’ve never noticed it undoing significantly more than Word. If you did one long stretch of typing and hit undo, it may undo the lot, because it will all be seen as the most recent action. Could you give more information about what you mean?

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I think the undo registered time is around 1-2 seconds… So depending on how fast and how long one types before they pause for a second or two could depend on how much is “undone” when typing text. This is common in about every application.

I think hitting return may register an edit too.

⌘Z is UNDO
⇧⌘Z is REDO

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This may help

Downloadable Shortcut Guide in PDF format

Scrivener FAQS: A must read!

Thanks, that was very helpful!
In my experience the undo function undoes a lot more than the last 1-2 seconds. Yesterday, I’d been taking notes to a book I was reading and pausing several times in between (reading) and as I hit undo, it deleted several minutes worth of work.
But that’s not a problem as long as I know the redo shortcut.
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