Batch Rename Folders

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Wondering if there is any way to batch rename a whole slew of folders at one time? Would sure save time if there were.

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Scrivener 3 lets us Project Replace in document titles. I’m not sure if version 1 does that or not. If not, or if that’s not sufficient for your use case, I fear the answer is no.

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Thanks, DrMajorBob. I’ll take a look and see what I have under the hood. Appreciate the quick response,


p.s. the version i have includes the ability to do a global change of titles – but it didn’t work. i’m assuming i have version 1 as i started as a beta user. so, the good news is i have it. the bad news is it doesn’t function.

If you’re using version 1, you’re not a beta user.

Sorry, I mean I originally started as a beta user way back when, then bought the first Windows iteration of the program. So, I’m still on version one. Looking forward to the finished version of three sometime soon. Not a beta user of version three.

Once upon a time, there was a beta for Scrivener for Windows version 1. Some of us have been around the forum long enough we were part of it.

No one is that old!

(I’ll turn 69 next week.)

Yes they are! I’m 75 and I think I found Scrivener just as it was going from Beta to Mac version 1! And I think there might still be some here, Ioa for one, who antedate me as users!



That’s what I was saying. I’m one of those oldsters who tested the original Windows version of Scrivener. I think I actually bought the program in 2011 or thereabouts.

I’m not sure what exactly you’re trying to do. Project Replace in the beta version has the option to limit replacements to selected documents and to use RegEx, which would give you the option of selecting your slew of folders and then replacing whatever their current title is with the one you want. Those options aren’t part of project replace in v1, so managing the replacement would be a bit trickier. If all the folders have the same name currently and no other documents include that text, then you could use project replace to swap it for something else. Otherwise the tool is probably not going to fit your needs.

To speed up a manual renaming, you could select all the folders you want to rename in the binder and load them together in the outliner, click into the first title and enter the new title you want, select and copy that title, then use the Tab key and Ctrl+V to jump down the list. The current title will be automatically selected when you tab into each row, so you’ll be able to just paste right over it, hit Tab, paste again, etc. until you get to the end.

Thanks, Mimetic Mouton,
The next time I’m in that situation I’ll try your solution.