[BB] Font/Size Drop-down Menus not working

Am I the only one experiencing major issues on the Windows version where trying to change the font and font size doesn’t work because the menu pops right back up after clicking the down arrow? It’s been really frustrating and makes styling impossible.

Hello AdventureGeek,

I was not able to replicate this issue. Does this only occur for you with the dropdown menus you mentioned? Or does this also affect others - like the three menus for binder view, search, and new documents/folders?

Hey, thanks for the reply. It’s doing that for each drop-down menu going across (font, font type, font size, and font spacing). Not sure what it is.

I might try to use an external mouse later (instead of my touchpad), but I’m not expecting it to change because drop-downs are working in Microsoft Word.

It sounds as though your touchpad is issuing two clicks instead of one (click to open menu, click to close it), or that you’re double-clicking somehow. Though why it should be this way in Scrivener and nothing else defies my imagination at the moment.

Yeah, it turns out that it works fine with an external mouse, but it baffles me why the touchpad is double-clicking on Scrivener and not on Word or any other program.