Hoping someone can help with the radio drama format. I’m trying to write a radio play in the BBC Taped Drama format but it doesn’t look anything like the example. Character names are underlined where they shouldn’t be, and dialogue is place underneath the character name rather than tabbed across on the same line.

I’ve looked everywhere for advice on this and am starting to beat my head against a wall. I’ve tried setting up my own templates, downloading other versions, but it seems that Scrivener is the only place where I can get the dialogue to sit on the same line as the character - except that it just doesn’t want to do it.

Any advice? Am I doing something really obviously wrong?


Bumping this in the hope that someone might be able to advise - thanks.

I’ve managed to set something like this up by creating my own template with a Character style where

  • paragraph indent is 2"
  • first line indent is 0"
  • font is Courier (another mono-spaced font would do)
  • each character name has an auto-complete with additional spaces that takes the cursor out to the 2" mark (eg “Romeo: " )
    Then there are other styles that all start at the 2” mark for continued dialogue, actions atc.


Building a useful editing page is a matter of creating the right indents - ask a friend who is great at that to help.

The rest of the task involves breaking things into Acts and Senes and breaks for commercials or whatever.

Then you to add folders for

background on the characters,
Possible Subplots
A collection of prepared Answers or comments from characters who are smarter than you
Folders containing notes on how to write
Sex scenes
Chase scenes
Love scenes
Side characters
3 Act structure
Sub text