Beautifully conceived, beautifully executed!

Hello Keith!

Like so many here, I too have used/explored all the latest writing programs, including the latest Ulys (1.5). Scrivener is precisely what I was always hoping someone would create.

You are exactly right about so many aspects of design/implementation. For example, : yes, the full screen mode should be a distraction free environment, but as you say, not from my own notes! How are my notes a distraction? And how, exactly, is rich text distracting? To me rt not only looks lovely, it’s a great way to organize my thoughts/writing. The “distraction free puristsâ€

Greetings, and welcome to Scrivener. I know the answer to a few of these questions, so I’ll give them a preliminary answer to save Keith some time.

Are you sure you have the latest beta? Check this link here. The latest is beta 2. The full screen scroll wheel malfunction was fixed.

I keep getting stuck in “crappy writing modeâ€

Thanks so much AmberV for responding so thoughtfully.

I keep getting stuck in “crappy writing modeâ€

Ha. Well, if you ever do want to activate the crappy writing mode, there is an easter egg. Press Cmd-Q.

ouch! I can use that little trick when my boss comes into my office. :slight_smile: thanks for all the tips and the welcome. damn I love this software. be well!


Thanks for all your positive feedback. :slight_smile:

Like AmberV says, can you double-check that you are using the latest beta (beta 2). If you go to Scrivener > About Scrivener…, it will tell you at the bottom of the panel. I really thought I had fixed this bug in beta 2.

2. I keep getting stuck in “crappy writing modeâ€

Thanks Keith,

One more thing that got lost in the thread: is it possible to change the color of the notes in the HUD in fullscreen?

Oh, and one more: how on earth do you get all this work done? :astonished:


I’ll answer that when you tell me what beta you are using. :slight_smile: I really need to know whether mouse wheeling is fixed in beta 2…

I even knew that! Somewhere in my brain, but it slipped the mind. Apologies for the misleading answer above.

Of course! Sorry, I should have let you know: with Version 1.0 RC b2 the mouse wheeling works perfectly. thanks!

Phew! Thanks. Then I can tell you that I have added changing the background colour of the notes HUD to the list. :slight_smile: The reason I didn’t have it customisable to being with was that it matches the highlight colour of the rows in the HUD tables, and there is no way of changing that.

All the best,