Beginner with a question: Styles

Hi, all! I’m new to Scrivener (and to Macs), so forgive me for my n00b-questions.

My question concerns styles. From my cursory explanations of Scrivener, it seems as if there are in fact options to set favorite styles, etc. But I’m worried about exporting to Word documents. Is there a way to set it so that everything set to a style in Scrivener (say, Chapter titles) is the same unique style in Word, so that when I have to do formatting changes, I can just change the one style rather than having to change every single occurrence of that style?

I’m afraid I’m not being clear, and if that’s the case, just tell me I’m not making sense and I’ll try to rephrase.



I’m afraid Scrivener doesn’t support true styles at all. It has formatting presets, but these don’t propagate through the project and there is no way to export style information to Word. This is on the list for version 3.0 or 4.0. :slight_smile:

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Is there any way to export to some other program that will give you style-like control? I remember reading something about MultiMarkdown or Latex and thinking that may be relevant… but I also remember thinking “Wow, this sounds confusing!” Is it something I should look into, if I want this capability?

If you’re planning on a “one way” export to Word for example, you can within word do a “Select similar formatting” or similar, and then when word has highlighted all “17point magenta comic-sans”* you can convert all of the selected text to a H1/H2 style or whatever you want to ease of layout. Its a quick method, something I’ve used very effectively when document contributors replicate your heading styles for their contributions without knowing about how “styles” work.

Sound workable?


Yeah, that sounds like a solution, at least for now. I get worried that it will select something wrong, but I suppose as long as I’m very careful with my formatting in Scrivener, I shouldn’t worry.