Best Digital Format for Beta Readers to Comment?

Hello All,

I’m wondering what the best digital format is to give to a beta reader? The reader in question reads on his computer so he would be in a position to easily comment. Is there, for example, a way to import comments from Microsoft Word into Scrivener?


I suggest using Google Docs. I’m not sure about importing comments back into Scrivener, but if you drag the link to the document into Scrivener’s binder, it should be able to open it within Scrivener (unless there’s a login issue with Google, which has happened before, but subsequent Scrivener updates may have fixed this). Then, everything’s contained nicely within Scrivener and you can address each comment as you go in your manuscript.

Just my 2¢.

Scrivener will import Word comments, but not “Track Changes” markup. – Katherine

It’s not so much that there’s a “login issue” with Scrivener. Rather, Google Docs won’t show you the page unless it can verify that you’re you. Scrivener’s web tools don’t handle things like login scripts as well as a full-fledged browser can.


Thanks for clarifying that, Katherine.