Best editors for iOS/Android?

I haven’t used this feature in a while, and so I thought a fresh topic might be good because I’m looking for the most up-to-date answers.

What are currently the best tablet-based editors for working with Scrivener via the Sync feature?

My ideal app would support RTF rather than just TXT, and hopefully not cause me to lose comments or footnotes.

Any suggestions?

I think you’ll find that no-one’s answered this yet because on both platforms all the available RTF editors suck.

If you are prepared to work in plain text then your available options go up dramatically for both platforms. I use Editorial (on my iPad mini) and Draft (on my Nexus 5); both of which are excellent (multi)Markdown editors with DropBox support.

My best advice though will be to wait for Scrivener on iOS; that will support RTF and, as I understand it, will work directly the scrivener file format. From what I’ve read, Keith has bent over backwards trying to rich text editing to work above and beyond what the standard CocoaTouch APIs give developers out of the box.