Best money I've ever spent on software

I’m a developer (who is also trying to be a writer), so I judge software pretty harshly. I can safely say that the $48.16 AUD I forked out Scrivener is the best money I’ve ever spent on software.

I started out, as many of us did, writing my novel in Word. Then I gave Story Mill a whirl, but found the user interface clunky and counter-intuitive. After a few weeks struggling to make it do what I wanted it to do, I gave up and went back to Word.

Then one day I was looking for something to simulate index cards to use as an outlining tool, and there was Scrivener, like the answer to all my prayers. It did everything I wanted for outlining, and let me write the novel in the same application. I hadn’t even spent 24 hours with the trial version before I was hooked. I paid my money gladly, and haven’t looked back since. And I’ve been recommending Scrivener to everybody I know who writes, whether it’s a PhD thesis, technical documentation, or a novel.

Well done, and keep up the good work.

Hi Alisdair,

Thank you for your kind words! Much appreciated, and it’s always nice to have a fellow developer give it the thumbs up too. Thanks also for recommending it to others.

Oh, and welcome aboard the forums!

Thanks again and all the best,

Just adding my developer thumbs up too. Similar story to OP. I’ve been a software pro for 25 years, and I have to say this is a quality product with exceptional thought put into both interface and features. Most software suffers from feature creep (essentially adding features just because, so there is something to upsell), but I detect none of that in scrivener. I’ve been using scrivener for a few months, having started in open office (word clone), and I have now written most of my novel in it. Best thing I can say about general day to day use: I don’t even think about the software, I just do.

Thanks scriv-pete, much appreciated!
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