Best practice using Dragon 15 Pro with Scrivener

I am a brand new user to Scrivener, still working through the introductory material (up to Compiling so far) and was taken with the option of using split editor windows for transcribing audio. I am also a relative newcomer to Dragon.

I did search the forums for Dragon and found a few answers to specific individual’s problems but am wondering if there is a workflow that is consistently effective/efficient.

My current workflow uses Audacity for audio playing and editing, and Dragon dictating into word - a lot of alt-tabbing happening there.

With thanks,

In the absence of any answers, trial and error has taught me that Dragon will probably be useful in the composition of original work, or for reading in text.

Attempting to use a combination of split windows with an audio file in one of the windows and dictating with Dragon into the other, via Dragon’ s scratchpad, is more cumbersome than my original workflow using audacity and word with Dragon.

It seems that using manual typing in a split window according to Scrivener’s instructions is the way to go. Oh well, it was a nice idea.

Now if the upcoming version of Scrivener were to include native support for Dragon …