Best practices for multi-novel series projects

I have a multi-volume series that needs extensive revision. I am hoping to do this in Scrivener later this year (once the final version is released).

My big question for the big day is this: what is the best practice for using Scrivener for long, multi-volume projects?

In my case, it’s truly one long story, broken up into individual volumes (8 in all). So with a single major character story arc across all volumes, it seemed like a good idea to put all the “books” into one Scrivener project so I can manipulate the whole thing at once. However, we’re talking close to 1 million words, and I’m not sure the software is designed to handle that.


P.S. I have only a surface-level experience with Scrivener at this point, so please be gentle and patient if I have further questions.

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Scrivener has been tested with projects well over a million words. The limiting factor is your system hardware, not Scrivener itself.

Unless you create a truly massive Scrivenings session that loads all of the text at once, you should be fine.


Now that Katherine has clarified the “size” issue…

Who can suggest the best way to organize the files for multiple BOOKS within one Scrivener Project.

For example, each BOOK would have separate FRONT and BACK matter, covers, etc. How would that work best?

Would COLLECTIONS play a part in this?

Would I set up each BOOK as main folders under the Manuscript Folder, then add CHAPTER documents under each BOOK folder?