Best screen size?

Don’t know a thing about Apple but an actual tablet centric Scrivener sounds really nice. 12.9 seems silly big, 9.7 is close to my Android tablets which I love, and the 7.9 seems a tad tiny for my tired eyes. So I’m wondering what you folks who are using the new Scrivener on Ipads think about the most comfortable screen size. Also, will 16gb be enough for it? I would use it only for Scrivener.

The easy question first: yes, if ALL you ever use it for is Scrivener, 16 Gb will be plenty. Beware tho, that Apple stuff can get addictive :slight_smile: and these things aren’t expandable.

As far as screen size, I think this is a matter of personal taste – but are you in an area where an Apple Store is accessible? Nothing beats trying it on for size. :slight_smile: I’ve seen demo models out in some other electronics stores as well. Some who have the 12.9" Pros swear by them, and I’ve seen arguments in favor of the 7.9" Mini, but I’m a 9.7" iPad Air 2 woman, myself. Something to consider here is that the 7" and the 9" both display exactly the same amount of data, it’s just scrunched smaller on the 7". The 12" screen actually displays more data, tho. On a 9" screen, using the onscreen keyboard the app can feel a bit cramped to me, but with a hardware keyboard it’s fine.

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“Also, will 16gb be enough for it? I would use it only for Scrivener.”

A lot depends on how many other files have been imported into Scrivener, in the Research folder. I tend to store a lot of PDF files. But that’s only the beginning, I use other apps like PDF Expert to annotate and do other things with the pdf files. From there you can easily expand with other apps, then other types of data. 16 Gigs is too tight for me. Even if I limited it to Scrivener and then satellite files. Then other apps.

“I would use it only for Scrivener.” - Oh my… famous last words :smiley:

As for the iPad size. I felt the 12" was too big to use. The 9" iPad Pro with Apple attached keyboard and especially the Apple pencil make a powerful computing system.

BestBuy almost always has an Apple kiosk with one of about everything Apple sells. The suggestion to hold then in your hands before deciding is right on. I would not recommend a 16GB iPad. I filled one up. 32GB is a much wiser investment.

Since you mention a full size 16GB iPad, I assume you mean a new iPad Air2. It’d be worthwhile to consider a refurbished Air2, if that’s the case. Apple’s refurbs come with the same warranty and you can add Apple Care, if desired. Apple listed price for an WIFI 16GB Air2 = US 399.00; a 64GB refurb = US 419.00. Your country’s prices may be different. I’ve owned a few Apple refurbs and have been thoroughly satisfied with them. … ipad_air_2

Speaking of best screen size, does anyone know of a hack to be able to use a mouse with scrivener on that ‘best’ screen-size iPad? A hack, that doesn’t involve jailbreaking? The one thing preventing me from buying an iPad (my ideal would be the 12.9) is the inability to use a mouse with scrivener.

Editing documents with a mouse while using scrivener just seems more natural.

Just wanted to thank all of you for the ideas and advice. I visited Bestbuy today… they had a sale. Went with the 9.7 pro with 32gb at $100 off. Then I discovered accessories. I felt a bit queezy driving home. First thing I did after setting it up was get the new Scrivener. It’s beautiful… the screen size is excellent… I love it. If L&L comes out with an Android version tomorrow, bear in mind that a flying ipad will probably leave a mark.

The mouse is needed on a desktop, where you can’t tap on the screen. If you want to use an external keyboard and a mouse, why not just get a laptop instead? The only point with a tablet is that you can use it without keyboard and mouse.

Hey lunk,

I guess I’m too accustomed to the mouse/desktop scene to evolve with the way people interact with their tablets. Still, I just think a user should be able to do three things with a tablet: touch the screen, type with a keyboard AND be able to modify things with a mouse and cursor. If you can do it on Android, you should be able to do it on an iPad.

So if anyone knows of a hack (a legal one) I’m all ears.

Now you’re being illogical again. :slight_smile:

iOS and Android are different softwares. Something being possible in one software doesn’t mean it has to be possible in a completely different software. You can’t catch Pokemons with Excel…

The plain truth is that I’d be too bloody lazy to lift and touch the screen when trying to edit sentences while potentially using scrivener on an iPad. Just seems like too much a foreign experience.

Don’t get an external keyboard. That way you’re already tapping on the screen when you write, or get a laptop.

yeah, I’ll just stick to buying a laptop.

External keyboards usually have cursor keys and they will move the insertion point.

Congrats on your new writing system! I also took advantage of that Best Buy sale, along with a discount coupon, and a trade in of my old iPad mini retina to score the 9.7" iPad Pro 128 GB for $400US and have found it wonderful with scrivener so far. I also liked using iOScrivener with the mini, but I wound up scrolling a bit too much. The big iPad Pro would seem ideal for Scrivener, but I valued portability a bit more, since I have an external display for home use. And the TrueTone screen has been surprisingly compelling – much easier on my over stressed eyes. I use external keyboards with Scrivener so can’t speak yet to the onscreen keyboard issue, but I imagine that if you’re going to be typing on the screen a lot, the large iPad (whose keyboard is the same size as a regular keyboard) would be preferable.