Best section divider - anticipating an eBook end product ?


I am writing with the intention to self public, via eBook. I am conscious of formatting issues arising from using unusual charters or excessive imagination :blush:

I don’t want to write with 60 chapters, so I want to have dividers between part-scenes and main scenes. And if I get it right now (25% in) I won’t have to go back and change them all.

Would someone experienced in this suggest some suitable options ?

Like these ones in centre alignment ?

. . .

_ _ _ . _ _ _

Well one thing to note, if you want separators between all files, is that you can do that in the Separators compile option pane. Since you set this up once, you can change your mind at any point without having to back and make hundreds of edits (though global search and replace could do the trick, so long as the separator is a unique string of characters). Maybe experiment with those options a bit and see if they work for you. One downside to them is that they won’t work as well if you break your scenes down into smaller sub-files, since your own choice is between all files or not. But if every break in your Binder is meant to be seen as a break for the reader, it’s a good choice.

Personal preference, I’ve always been fond of the simple “* * *” separator. :slight_smile: But there is really no standard for this, do what you like. Another thing you can consider is using an image. There are plenty of attractive dividers out there as simple graphics. You can insert them using a custom Separator with <$img:Name Of File in Binder>.

Thanks AmberV

I expect that each chapter will start with a clear header and visual indicator of a new chapter. What I am thinking about is dividers between sections within a chapter, natural pauses.
I was afraid of using an image for the very reason that it might mess up formatting when it comes to compiling for an eBook and bloat the eventual ePub or Kindle file.
I’ll check out the “Separators compile option pane”. Tks.

On bloat, Scrivener is pretty smart about that. If you use a divider graphic a few hundred times in your book, the actual e-book itself should only have that picture stored once, with all of the hundreds of references to it pointing to that one picture.