Best Syncing Workflow WITH intermediate Failsafe Option?

I’ve been a devoted Scrivener user for years, love the L&L products, and have been well-acquainted with the syncing issues, concerns, and resolutions in the forums. Thusly, I’ve been able to rectify any small sync problems that have arisen
on my end to much success.

This weekend the Dropbox sync seemed to freeze while syncing and upon checking back hours later my latest edits were not to be found on either device. I’m still working with through Dropbox versions and deleted files to pinpoint the problem and recover files; however, going forward I’d like to know if someone can provide a detailed flowchart sort of workflow for scrivener IOS sync to dropbox that also includes a “middle man” type of function wherein the same file that’s being sent to sync with the Dropbox servers simultaneously also goes somewhere else – untouched by Dropbox. This way, whatever happens between Dropbox on my device, computer, and their servers, I’ll have a copy elsewhere.

I’m a fairly savvy computer user (though not at all a programmer), and even more than that I’m an avid researcher and investigator. I thought I’d done this effectively by use of symlinks, Hazel (a great MAC third party automation software), and even iCloud – but apparently there may have been issues in my process; hence this inquiry. Being in a creative industry at this point ive acquired many tool to employ (icloud, google drive, one box, iDrive, OneBook) and am open to all options regardless of expense.

Thanking all in advance for any contribution to this matter.

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The export command from the iOS project screen will make a ZIP backup of the project that you can email to yourself. I don’t know of a way to automate it, but that’s the best Dropbox-free failsafe that I can think of.


Yeah, what Katherine said.

Doing a manual Export after changing a project is as important to my iOS workflow as automated backups are to my Desktop Scriv workflow.

In addition to emailing it to yourself, the iOS Export feature will also allow you to save your zipped backup to a cloud service.

What I do is Export my iOS zipped backups to the same OneDrive folder where my Scriv Desktop zipped backups go, which makes them very easy to find.