Best way to back up?

I have done most of the work on my project on a laptop that is going into the shop (Square Trade)- and they said if it’s replaced I may not get it back. I want to know the best way to back up to my home desktop to transfer to the new laptop. Flash drive? google Drive? That simple? I ask because I’ve tried to send my project to my brother for review (He has Scrivener), and he said the folders were empty. So I’m not sure of the process…there’s the “project” folder, but then subfolders inside…

Anyway, what’s my best bet?

For each project, go to File->Back Up->Back Up To… and check the option to compress to zip archive. Choose whatever media you prefer (thumb drive, cloud folder on your hard drive, etc…) as the location for the backup.

It’s important that you use the ZIP compression; it consolidates the .scriv folder and all of its sub-folders and files. Without those, you only have an index of your project. Also, don’t try to put an un-zipped project on Google Drive; it doesn’t deal well with all those files & subfolders.

On your destination computer, copy the .zip files elsewhere (the Documents folder of the local computer, for instance), and extract all files from the .zip archive. You can then work on that copy of the project. More info here: … c-services

You might also consider setting the automatic backups (again, make sure they’re .zip compressed) so that they go to cloud storage, like google drive. Those settings can be found in Tools->Options->Backup. That way you will always have 1 copy on every computer you have the cloud sync software installed on, plus the copy ‘in the cloud’.