Best way to copy text from odt file without losing formattings?

I want to copy text / listings from LibreOffice / OpenOffice odt files. How could I do it keeping most of the formattings, especially the listings? Or, how could I adapt the listings after having copied them to Scrivener?

Your best chance of getting text that resembles what you have in your ODT document is to export it to the RTF format and then import that. Assuming the formatting survives the export, Scrivener should be able to preserve the formatting of that RTF file, as that’s its native format.

Many thanks!

So, I have saved the odt file under test.rtf

couldn’t find an option to export this kind of file

and then I tried to import it to Scrivener:

I pressed “OK”, but nothing happened.

Ah, now it suddenly works, the file obviously is imported, do not know what was different…the formattings seem to be kept, great…but it behaves very sluggish, so one couldn’t work / write in that file. When I press the TAB key (in a listing) the tabulator is set 2, 3 seconds later. And when I click the file “test” in the left panel Scrivener reacts extremely slow.

The source file is about 0,5 MB big, the rtf file about 3,5 MB.

May be there is a way to make it work usefully.

Many thanks again

How odd. I would try creating a new empty document in the binder, then copy the text from the one you just imported and paste into the new document. Does the new document. Move the imported document to the trash and empty Scrivener’s trash. Close the project, re-open. Does the newer version of the imported document cause the same issue?

If so, I’d contact support at their email address on the main site. They’ll probably want a look at a copy of the project where the issue can be demonstrated, so you could do a File->Save As, delete all the other content, and then .zip it in anticipation of that.

I had tried that before, copy the text in LibreOffice from the rtf file pressing CTRL+C, marking the entire document before, and paste it to the new created document in Scrivener in the left corner at the bottom:

That removes most of the or many formattings.

Done. Yes, the same / similar issue, although lost most of the formattings it behaves slowly.

Yes, that could be a chance, but I could not let them have such a document / file with that kind of information. And delete the information, the content of the (rtf) file would not let them find the cause, I guess.

Thank you very much.