Best way to organize chapters

I’ve been using Scrivener happily for about 6 months. I’m starting a new project that is similar in structure to my last project. Both are novels, both have chapters and subchapters. In my last novel, I made the chapters folders with no text. The subheads were files. In the compile, that gave me chapter names and breaks (###) between the files. I notice, however, that it isn’t necessary to make folders in order to have a hierarchy … I could just inset (move right) files under a chapter file with a name only. Any advice on which approach is better?

It doesn’t really matter, however one of the benefits of using folders is that you can set different rules for them when you compile. e.g. you can have the titles of folders be headers, with different styles for different levels of heading. I’m sure there are other considerations, but this was enough for me to use them - if I wanted to mark a new section, then I’d use a folder; but if the section was for my own reference only, I’d use documents.

Like so much else in writing, arrangement is very much what pleases you and works for you.
I have used both folders and no-folders, and as you note, they compile differently.
If you want to have full-page half titles for chapters, use the folders.

You might try downloading a brief novel from Gutenberg, like The Christmas Carol,
And trying out both methods with the same text, to see which format you like best.

Thanks to both of you. Exactly what I wanted to hear. Since I’m familiar with my earlier folders/documents protocol, I’ll keep using it. It’s a good software, though the compile is a little bewildering sometimes, but overall Scrivener has helped me enormously.