Best way to re-import edited Word / Pages file (can I just cut and paste?)

Hi - I’m working with a document from my editor (it’s the standard tracked changes Word doc, which I’m working on in Pages). I’d like to use Pages for the edit. After completion what is the best way to get the text back into scrivener? I’ve not done this before and am concerned abut ‘rogue’ formatting coming back into scrivener for the word doc - does that happen?

Can I just cut and past from Pages or should I export as RTF then import / cut paste?

The word doc is split up chapter by chapter so easy to do one at a time.

  • I searched for this but couldn’t see an answer.

Thanks -

Hi JimK,

Your timing is excellent, as one method to accomplish this was just discussed yesterday in a post by Ahab: [url]]

One key point in Ahab’s method is copying the revisions into a fresh folder inside your project, so you still have the old version intact if you need to consult it.

Ahab didn’t get into the specifics of how to avoid rogue formatting, I’m on Windows Scrivener, so things may be slightly different for you on Mac v3, but using Paste & Match Style has always worked well for me. Or pasting into a text editor (whatever is the Mac equivalent of Windows Notepad) and then copying into Scrivener will strip out all Pages formatting.

Experiment by copying a few chapters into your project and then running compile to see how it looks. Or perhaps someone with Mac-specific knowledge will reply here. :slight_smile:


Pasting from Pages to Scrivener via Paste & Match Style means any special formatting–italics, bold face, whatever–goes away.
I get an exact match simply by copying a chapter from Pages, pasting it into a fresh Document in Scrivener, and letting the formatting carry over all by itself with no adult supervision.
For Word, you’ll have to experiment to see which way works best.