Best way to search text of all Scrivener projects?

I’m finding that Spotlight, and even Finder, are very unreliable. They don’t seem to index all the Scrivener files properly.

Is there a better way? Should I be using a 3rd-party utility, and if so, which one?

This is the method that I use, which is Mac-friendly (I don’t think Windows can do this). Note there is another method above mine that takes a different, slow approach, but it is capable of even finding text you’ve since deleted from the project that now only exists in snapshots.

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I use the Find any File and EasyFind apps. (Google is your friend.)

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Condescending much…? Yes, I’m sure this member could have gone to Google if they perhaps wanted general information, but they came here to specifically ask how users of Scrivener do what he’s looking to do. Do better. :roll_eyes:

I gave the names of two useful apps for finding files. @shivohum should have no trouble finding those apps using, you know, Google. If that’s not enough, someone else is welcome to step in and do better. It’s not my exclusive responsibility.


It IS your “responsibility” to be a kind and courteous member WITHOUT needing to be passive-aggressive or condescending. The whole “Google is your friend” comment was entirely unnecessary and you know it, or you SHOULD know it. If we want answers from Google, we go to Google. When we want Scrivener-specific answers that we know can be answered in a succinct fashion, we come here. Stop being intentionally obtuse, all it serves to do is make you look like a jerk. :roll_eyes:

It wasn’t a Scrivener question at all. If mentioning Google counts as passive aggressive to you, maybe you’re a tad over-sensitive. I said what solution I use, and that will have to do. If the OP needed anything else, what did you do to help?


Hrm. So I tried your method, AmberV, and it worked like a charm. Thanks!

Incidentally, EasyFind also worked. So thanks everyone for the suggestions.

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Ahem. Just a gentle reminder that ignoring posts you find irritating is an option.