Best way to sync projects between Mac & Windows


Am in need of some advice here. Despite my best efforts I am losing work when working on a project between my Mac & Windows machines. I wait for the backup to finish uploading to Dropbox before I close Scrivener, and always download the latest backup to my machine.

I lost three sections of work the other day but I’m not sure how.

Also, what is best practice to sync projects if you haven’t got access to the internet?

Thanks for your help.

Do you wait until all changes are copied to the dropbox server before closing the computer?
And do you wait for the second computer to copy all changes from the dropbox server before opening the project?

Yes. I wait for the syncing to finish on both computers. I open the latest backup.

No wonder you don’t see the latest changes if you don’t open the project you are working on, but a backup.

You misunderstood me. I save backups on each project close so backup is latest copy. I then open backup on other machine.

when you do a backup on close, Scrivener takes the previous version of your project and creates a backup, and then saves your curent version. It is the normal current project you should open on both the desktop and the iDevice, not the backup.

Huh. I never knew that. Still gives me a problem of how to transfer between the two. I have a lot of projects so I guess I will have to use a flash drive. Might not have enough dropbox space for all my projects.

You don’t transfer at all. That’s the whole point. You just open the project on one computer, work, save it. Wait for the Dropbox app to upload the copy. Close the computer. Start the second computer, wait for the dropbox app to download the latest copies, and open the same project, as if you were opening it on the firsy computer.

You work with exactly the same files, the same project. That’s the beauty of it! :slight_smile:

I do the same, using two different Mac:s (plus two iPad:s and an iphone now…)

I don’t want to save a live copy on dropbox taking up space. I save backups to dropbox. That’s why I’ll use a flashdrive instead.

You should have live projects on Dropbox and backups somewhere more safe.