Best Way to Transfer Scrivener Customizations?

I may have finally between the finances into shape so I can get a Windows 10 machine – my Win 7 Pro is about 8 years old, and too slow for Win 10.

I’m not looking forward to it, because my Win 7 Pro machine is set up the way I like to work, and it’s going to take weeks to get it functioning.

In any case, how do I transfer customizations from my old machine to my new one? I plan on DL a new copy of Scrivener to the machine, installing it, and then customizing it, and lastly, adding my projects.

I really do not want to have to re-enter years of specialized dictionaries, name generator files, and all the rest.

Please tell me there’s an easy way to do this?

If you’re using the v3 beta, you can export your customisations from the Options menu. File > Options, then click the Manage button on the bottom of the Options menu. You can save the options you’ve set and your theme customisations from there, and load them into Scrivener on your new computer via the same menu. :slight_smile:

As far as v1 goes, though, I don’t have it installed on this computer so I can’t help there, but it’s probably much the same process. I’m sure there’s someone else who can help, though.

Thank you.
I don’t do betas.
There is no “Options” under “File” in V1.
“Options” is under “Tools.”
Neither “Import/Export” nor “Backup” has the option of backing up customizations, like formatting, dictionaries, Name Generator files, spelling, etc.

Just wondering if there is an answer to my question?

I just loaded up my old v1.9x (I’ve been using the Beta forever) and checked under F12 / General.

At the bottom left, “Manage”, there is a clickdown menu. Beyond that, I can’t be of any help.

Not sure if this helps Marilynx, but you can save all your preferences and load them into your new installation.

I’ve done this on Version from one machine to another with good results but your mileage may vary, as the saying goes.

Perhaps you could do the ‘Save Preferences’ from your old machine then ‘Load Preferences’ on your new machine with your existing copy of Scrivener before you get your new copy.

You should be able to check a few settings on your new computer to see if they are to your satisfaction.

I’m no expert, but that is what seemed to work for me.

Doc from Australia


Thanks for the pointers – and the graphic, showing exactly what I’m needing to be looking at is also helpful.

Got my new machine ordered yesterday, a custom build so it will be a few weeks before I get it. And then I have to persuade Windows 10 Pro that I will do things the way I intend to do them, and not the way some programmer thinks I should do them.

Dropbox goes on first. Then Scrivener. Then Paint.Net (a free graphics program which can do just about anything Photo Shop can – they ask a $15 donation if you like it.). Then I’ll see if my old version of Word works under W10. I don’t use it enough, not with Scrivener, to warrant a subscription to Office 365.

Then a WHOLE bunch of other programs I use. I hate setting up a new computer!