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Hi guys, i am Carly, a freelance writer from Manchester UK. It i s good to be here with all of you fellow writers. i have been working as a freelance writer for some time now, My recent article was for a professional website. I usually write about technology and business which have high demand in the content market. My secret passion is fantasy novels. i have read most of the classic fantasy novels, the most favorite writers which i read so far are J.K.Rowling and J.R.R.Tlokien. I have also read some of the great fantasy horror work of Stephen King. i am working on a fantasy novel of my own for a couple of hours but it is still in a raw condition and i haven’t decide the ending of this epic fantasy adventure yet. After reading so many posts from young and new writers here about there recent work and achievements, i am feeling pretty confident about my own novel. Actually i was wondering if you guys will help me pick a title. The main character is a farm boy who was poor but strong and always wonder what the outside worlds look like and how it works until a stranger appears and offer him to take him as apprentice and share his adventures with him.
The adventures of Asher
Asher and the Stranger
Asher’s Journey

Thanks for the information! But do they allow you to post your article for free?
I am new to this writer’s club. I hope you would help me!

Thanks for the support, then I will go through the page

I constantly read the smaller articles as well as clarify their motives, and that also happens with this article!
Friv 5

thanks for the recommendation and the support, it is much appreciated

Does anyone use Upwork or Fiverr?

I am new to this writer’s club. thanks for your sharing.
I hope you would help me!