Best white/black/green/cork board software

I currently use Scapple, Scrivener, and Curio
Are there any other software available, weather touch friendly or not it doesnot matter.

e.g. … blggh58q5b … 80942?mt=8 … 0-download

I’ve used Supernotecard and Save the Cat successfully in the past.

Try index-card for iPad. Works well.

I use Cardflow, Paper by 53, and iThoughts as my main apps for the stuff I don’t do in Scrivener and Scapple.

Recently found
Very interesting, effective, and simple software

I found a program which is the closest thing to scapple it is named delineato pro and it has an ios version … 7707?mt=12 … 00566?mt=8

another scapple similar app

another scapple similar app

After trying many software scapple is simplely the most effective
Great software but windows only.

still scapple is my favorite, but some software if any one want to try:

iroha Note



Cork Board view of imindmap 11