Beta 024 - URLs get pasted into Scriv' twice

1 - Copy a URL from your Browser
2 - Paste it into Scrivener (using Ctrl+V or via the menu)
3 - The URL gets pasted in twice (normal text is pasted in once)

Using Beta 024 in Windows 7

What browser are you using? So far I haven’t replicated this, and it could be related. I’ve tried Firefox 4 and IE 9. Or do you have any kind of text expander/macro tool on your computer?

You’re right. I usually use Chrome (latest release of the stable version) and I get the double paste when copying from Chrome into Scrivener but I just tried IE9 and didn’t get the effect - it pasted in once as expected.

I do use PhraseExpress but I don’t believe it’s involved.

Okay, I see it now, definitely seems to be a Chrome thing. I only get it pasting into the document text–pasting in synopsis, notes, references, titles, keywords, “add link”, it only goes in once. It also only seems to happen if I select and copy the url from the omnibar; right-clicking on a link and using “Copy link address” or selecting and copying a typed url from elsewhere on a webpage results in a normal paste. Let me know if you’re seeing anything different and I’ll update the report I’ve logged on this. Thanks for finding it!