Beta 049 -- Corkboard custom background issues

I’m having some issues with setting a custom colour/custom background on the corkboard in Beta 049. If I set white as the custom colour for the background, there are some weird black stripes that appear between the index cards. Basically, this happens:

This is same with putting another ‘light’ colour as the background:

And if I put a light-coloured background image:

However, if I put a dark background or dark colour as the custom background, it looks fine.

Also, on a related note, I’ve noticed that when you put a custom background image, the background tries to scroll along with the index cards. When you scroll too quickly, it kind of ‘jumps’ before loading, especially if you’re scrolling fast. It’s not a big deal but wouldn’t it be better to have the background stay stationary and only the index cards scroll when you’re scrolling? It would look slightly smoother.

Thanks so much for your hard work Lee, we all really appreciate it and I can’t wait to buy Scrivener!

Thanks, we’ve noted these issues and Lee’s got them on the list to fix. The scrolling background happens with any background image, even the default ones, although depending on the texture it can be more or less noticeable.

Thanks Jennifer, good to know!