Beta 1.4 Crash on importing RTF with URLS[ADDITIONAL INFO]

This just happened to me using the just-released Beta 1.4 (on a Dell Latitude X1 running XP sp3). The file was an rtf created as a download from Each time I tried to import, it crashed the whole program. The document contained hyperlinks, which appear to be the culprits: I did ctrl-a, then ctrl-shift-F9 (which changes all the hyperlinks in the document to blue, underlined, non-hyperlink text), saved, and then tried the import again, and it worked just fine.
You all may want to suggest this procedure as a workaround till this gets addressed. I almost never care whether my westlaw documents have active hyperlinks in them, but not being able to import them without crashing kinda sucked for building a usable “Research” folder for writing a legal brief, and at least with the workaround I can import them.

If the file is not confidential or does not contain sensitive information, maybe posting the .rtf file will help.

I created a .rtf file with OO.Org 3.2 with a Hyperlink and tried to import it. I could import the file but not able to see the link in Scrivener. I’m not sure if the link was done correctly though, but still. I imported it into Scrivener without it crashing.

Lee might want an e-mail of the file since the import CRASHED Scrivener (lee AT literatureandlatte DOT com), but the hyperlinks not working is already listed on the known bug list:

“No image or links work on import”

Thanks for logging this. If you could email a sample file that would be very useful, my email is lee AT literatureandlatte DOT com.