BETA Released on 12th May 2014 (LATEST)

Read details of the exciting new release by clicking the following link:

Can the Beta version be installed along side the current stable version, or does it copy over the current installation?

You can install Scrivener beta into another directory i.e. ScrivenerBeta, you just need to enter this new directory path at install time. Then you will have two instances of Scrivener, one installed in the Scrivener directory, and one in the ScrivenerBeta directory. Scrivener Settings will be shared between the two versions though. It’s really not an issue as I do this all the time. When it comes to the release of the update, I suggest downloading the full installer i.e. ( when it becomes available and installing it into the Scrivener directory rather than using the update feature within Scrivener itself, this will ensure a clean update. Then you can delete the scrivenerbeta directory.

Thank you. I’ll give that a try.

You can share settings between Linux and Windows, too. :slight_smile: It involves exporting said file, though.

Love the new beta! It fixed all the problems I had with the original beta and has great additional features besides. I particularly appreciate the way I can lock a file in an editor in one window and click on links in that window to make them pop up in the second window. Very useful!

The only shortcoming I’ve found is that printing a pdf directly from Scrivener prints only one copy at a time; the “number of copies” box in the print dialog seems to be ignored. But it’s easy to work around that by going Control-F5 to bring up the pdf file in an external editor and printing from there.

Great work! Thank you!

'scuse my ignorance, but what is beta, and am I supposed to install this latest beta version or what?
I have version installed at present.

Beta releases are basically test versions you can try to access new features found on an upcoming final release. In this case, the upcoming 1.7 release. Beta releases can typically contain bugs, so you’re expected to find some quirks.

But if you’ve not tried beta software before, you may as well continue using 1.6 until 1.7 is released.