Beta 1.7 and 1.8 Status Stamp Glitches

I’ve noticed two strange font-rendering glitches with the status stamps in the corkboard. The first is that the text doesn’t line up quite right (see wavy.png):


I can’t recall seeing this in the previous version, but it seemed to stick out at me with 1.7 and 1.8. If that’s intentional, that’s fine. The second bug, on the other hand, is far stranger.

It happens when you change the font size. On the top is Helvetica Bold 14pt and on the bottom is Helvetica Bold 12pt. Despite the font size changes, no size change is apparent. Instead, it appears to alter letter spacing and possibly even the thickness of the glyphs (though that could be an optical illusion due to the change in spacing):


As far as the second issue, if it’s the same as the Mac version (which it appears), the size of the font for the status doesn’t really matter because the stamp is automatically resized to fit the card (up to a certain point, after which it gets truncated). So “to do” will look much bigger than “revised draft #2”. Changing from 12pt to 14pt won’t make any difference.

On the Mac version, I don’t see any change in the letter spacing either–size 9 looks exactly the same as size 18 in Helvetica Bold (size is really just there because it’s part of the OS font picker)–but I do see it changing in the Windows version, so I don’t know what that’s about.

Which makes sense. I hadn’t really thought about auto-sizing. But it does make you wonder what Qt is doing that makes the spacing different.